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Canturf, Canberra’s trusted local turf supplier since 1967, has been growing instant lawn longer than anyone in Australia! It’s no wonder the name Canturf has become synonymous with healthy green lawns in our region.
From Goulburn to Cooma, and throughout Canberra and the Southern Highlands of NSW, Canturf is the easiest way to enjoy your outdoor lifestyle with a great looking and hard wearing lawn, all year round. Order direct from Australia’s most experienced turf growers for competitive pricing, the best advice, and unbeatable after sales service. Laying your new turf is made easy by following our simple instructions. No fuss, no mess. Just a beautiful lawn instantly — fresh from our Fyshwick turf farm to you.
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your lawn

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A Canturf lawn is a long term investment that will give you and your family years of enjoyment as well as enhancing your home and garden. Choosing the right lawn for your lifestyle and climate in the beginning is essential.

Choose your lawn from our extensive products range.


Preparing your site

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Preparing your site
With good site preparation a Canturf lawn is a long term investment that will give you and your family years of enjoyment, and enhance the value of your home and garden. Whether you are laying a Canturf instant lawn or seeding your area with a Canturf seed blend the site preparation is very important and should be the same in either case.

Firstly clear the area of existing lawn or weeds by spraying with a glyphosphate type herbicide such as Roundup or Zero or by chipping.
Cultivate or rotary hoe to a minimum depth of 150mm (or 6 inches). Preparing a deep base is vital in achieving a healthy and deep rooting lawn. At this stage gypsum and lime should be incorporated. The gypsum will help break up the clay inherent in Canberra soils and the lime will help to balance the acidity of the soil. These can both be applied at the rate of about 200gms per square meter.

Topsoil should be incorporated if your soil is inadequate, (i.e. broken rock, heavy clay, builders rubble etc) a good quality loam is ideal. Organic matter such as cow/sheep manure, humic peat, compost etc can also be incorporated as they not only improve the quality of the soil but also help to retain moisture in the dirt. Water crystals can also be added to the soil at this stage to further improve the moisture retaining properties of your soil. An in ground watering system will save time and money down the track so it is recommended to put one in at this time.

Rake and smooth the soil, removing any rocks, roots or clods. Bring the soil up to the same height as any paving or garden edging around the area. Canturf has around 5 to 10mm of soil on the turf and further settling will accommodate the thickness of the turf. At the final leveling make sure the soil is smooth and of fine tilth.

You are now ready to lay turf or seed your area.


Ordering and delivery

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Canturf Canberra Blend and Penturf are delivered to you within 24 hours of harvesting!

Canturf delivers your turf to anywhere in Canberra 6 days a week (Mon - Sat) during Spring, Summer and Autumn and 5 day a week (Mon - Fri) during Winter.

Or you can choose to pickup fresh from our Fyshwick turf farm 6 days a week (Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm & Saturday 8am - 1pm) all year around.

The minumum delivery charge is $99.00.

Canturf also delivers to the Southern Highlands, Yass and Goulburn areas as well as Southern NSW. Please click here to download a PDF copy

of our delivery charges. Please ring our friendly staff free to discuss any special requirements.


Not sure how much Canturf you need?
Whatever your lawn shape, if you can divide it up into the shapes.

Our lawn area calculator makes estimating your total lawn area easy...


Laying and lawn care


Your Canturf is delivered within 24 hours of harvesting and should be laid as soon as possible after delivery to maintain freshness and vigour. If your Canturf is delivered the day before laying it should be stored in the shade and lightly moistened. During cooler weather Canturf can be kept for a few days if necessary, although this is not recommended.

If unforeseen circumstances prevent you laying your turf within this time frame you may find it looking a little yellow when you do lay it out. To give your lawn the best chance of survival in this case do not lose heart but follow our instructions on initial care.


It's best to smooth your prepared area with a rake just before laying your turf. Start laying Canturf along the longest, straightest edge of your new lawn area such as the driveway or footpath. If your area has a slope to it we recommend you lay the turf across the slope. Lay the Canturf rolls in a staggered pattern (like bricks), as close together as possible making sure there is no over lap nor any soil from the edges of the rolls visible.

This helps to prevent drying out along the seams of the roll. Any gaps should be plugged with Canturf, not filled with soil. Each roll is approximately 165 cm long by 40cm wide, which means each roll covers 2/3 of a square metre. They can be trimmed with a sharp knife (a serrated blade works best) to reduce tearing or shredding that may damage the grass. You will find it easy to trim closely to edges and driveways which makes the final result look very professional.

Avoid using small strips of Canturf on outer edges as they will dry out quicker than a full roll and brown off. If you think you are going to need a narrow strip to finish off a job, try running a full roll around the outside of your lawn area then fill the middle. A light rolling or tamping down before initial watering will help remove air pockets and ensure good root contact with the ground beneath and so allowing for faster establishment. A 20 Litre drum half filled with water makes a good substitute roller.

That's really all there is to it!


Initial care
Week one Water, water, water! Water is the most important ingredient in establishing any lawn. Watering keeps the roots fresh and the ground soft, helping the plant to re-establish itself with new root growth. After laying your Canturf, water the lawn enough to keep the soil profile continuously moist for the first seven days. Also control your pets during this time as the soft ground can 'footprint' easily and urine spots can cause damage. Week two You've made it through the hard part and the lawn should be looking great.
In the second week change to a deep watering pattern of two or three times a week to encourage a deep root growth.
By day 10 your Canturf should be getting long enough (75 mm) and firm enough to mow. The first mow should be about 65 to 70 mm, in about a weeks time you can begin regular mowing at not less than 50mm. Mowing too short will weaken the turf by exposing the plant to extreme weather and traffic and can also encourage weeds. For a guide to recommended mowing heights please see the chart below.
After two weeks fertilise your new lawn using Canturf's Grow Green fertiliser to help with colour, health and continued root development. Spread Grow Green at a rate of 35 grams per square meter and thoroughly water afterwards. With your new lawn you will receive a voucher for a free pack of Canturf Grow Green fertiliser which is redeemable at selected garden centres.


Ongoing maintenance
See our lawn-care-guide for more detailed information about caring for your lawn…


Seeding a new lawn
With lawn seed you can achieve a lawn at a lower cost, however it will be six to twelve months until your lawn is fully established. Seed should ideally be sown in either Spring or Autumn. Canturf's premium quality lawn seed is specially blended to withstand the harsh, frosty winters and the long, hot summers of Canberra and the Southern Highlands.
Once you have prepared your site, estimate the size of your area in square meters, calculate the amount of seed required and select from one of Canturf's premium seed blends, all of which are suited to the cooler climate of Canberra and the Southern Highlands.
A seed starter fertiliser should be used when sowing to promote germination and initial growth. Canturf Lawn Starter fertiliser will provide essential phosphorus and nutrients to give your lawn seed the extra help it needs to establish a strong root system.
You may choose to sow and fertilise separately or you can mix two parts seed starter to one part seed (by weight) and spread both fertiliser and seed at once. Apply half the seed/fertiliser mix to the entire area as evenly as possible then use the remaining half to fill in any gaps left after the first pass. Then rake lightly or roll to cover the seed. Keep the soil continuously moist during germination and early establishment.
Regular watering is essential until the grass is about 2cm high and growing strongly at which time you can gradually switch it to a deep watering routine. When your lawn reached 75 mm in height, mow to around 50 mm and maintain this level with regular mowing.
A second application of Seed Starter will assist in root development and should be applied six to eight weeks after seeding as a booster to aid further root growth and thorough establishment of your lawn