Frequently asked questions

Do you have a minimum order?
Yes, 1 metre.
Does the price include delivery?
No, delivery is charged calculated according to destination.
How much is delivery?
Please go to out Cost Calculator to work out the charge to your area.
Do you deliver Saturdays?
We deliver your turf to Canberra 6 days a week (Mon to Sat) during Spring, Summer and Autumn and 5 day a week (Mon to Fri) during Winter.
Can I specify a time?
At Canturf we do our best to have all deliveries completed by mid morning.
Does the price include GST?
All prices include GST.
Do you provide a laying service?
Yes. Ring our friendly staff and we can advise you on the cost of this which is not included in the cost of your turf and is worked out according to the area you require to be layed. Please note we only lay on prepared surfaces, Go to laying and lawn care for more information.
How is the turf delivered?
Canturf is delivered via one of our forklifts and our friendly driver will place the turf on your site and put the pallet back on the truck.
What is the size of your turf rolls?
Canturf rolls are 2/3 (or 0.667) of a square meter, i.e. 3 rolls of turf equals 2 metres square. 10 square metres of turf is 15 rolls.
Do I have to be home when the delivery is made?
Not necessarily. Payment can be made prior to delivery and instructions on where to place turf can be given to our sales team on ordering. It’s important that clear instructions on exactly where turf is to be places are given, particularly for larger orders. Turf can become quite heavy; 50 m² (75 rolls) weighs about one tonne. Our forklift will place turf exactly where you want it. If you are not there and your instructions are not clear, it could be a lot of work moving it.
How can I pay for the turf?
Canturf accepts most major credit cards, cheques and cash. Eftpos facilities are also available at our Fyshwick Farm when picking up your turf.
How much notice do I need to give for delivery?
Usually half a day’s notice is fine.
Do you deliver to where I live?
We deliver to all suburbs throughout Canberra and surrounding areas including the Monaro and Southern Highlands.
Will I receive an invoice or receipt?
Yes you will receive a detailed information folder containing your Invoice, gift voucher for our Grow Green fertilizer, as well as our lawn care brochure.
How much turf do I need?
You can work your area out by clicking on our lawn area calculator or you can fax us your layout with measurements (preferably in meters) and our trained technicians will work out the area and amount for you.
I have never laid turf before; can you give me some guidance?
Sure, just call our friendly team for advice or see our laying and lawn care section of this site.
How often should I mow my lawn?
After laying your Canturf lawn it will not need mowing for two weeks. See our lawn care guide for more information.
How often should I water my lawn?
It is crucial to water your fresh Canturf as soon as it is laid to give it the best start. See our lawn care guide for further hints on watering
How do I know if my lawn is getting enough water?
Established, healthy turf comprises of many 1000’s of living plants very close together with their roots usually within 150 mm of the soil surface. When the turf is first layed the roots are actually on top of the soil surface. It takes several weeks for the turf roots to fully establish in the soil beneath. Consequently water must be applied often until the turf roots are established. How often depends on temperature and rainfall. The soil beneath the turf should never be allowed to dry out. Your new turf should never be allowed to wilt. One way to check moisture levels is to push a screwdriver through the turf to a dept of 100mm. Penetration should be easy. Remove the screwdriver and there should be moist soil on the blade. (Not mud!)
Can I water my lawn with Grey Water?
Yes. Please see our lawn care guide for more information.
What about weeds, anything I can do?
A healthy vigorous Canturf lawn is the first line of defense. See our lawn care guide for more information.
What are scarab grubs and what should I do about them?
Scarab grubs are the number one pests in our region. These grubs feed extensively on roots and organic matter and can cause significant damage. Damage caused by these grubs appears as large brown patches. For further information on Scarabs checkout our lawn care guide.
My grass is yellowing, why is it happening and what can I do?
Various causes can send a lawn yellow, such as compaction, lack of nutrients and water … go to our lawn care guide for more information.
Do I need to use topsoil underneath my turf?
We recommend a soil to a depth of 150 mm minimum. You might also choose to improve your existing soil or purchase some topsoil or turf underlay.
How do I use the fertiliser?
Using Canturf Grow Green fertiliser and following our chart in the lawn care guide will give your Canturf a boost throughout the year. The best way to spread Grow Green is with a hand held spreader, and of course ‘water in’, or even better do it when it is raining.
What are Canberra’s current water restrictions?
Check out the ActewAGL website for the latest update on the currant restrictions in your area.
What is the best type of turf for the Canberra area?
We grow our Canberra Blend here at Fyshwick, which is evergreen, hard wearing and drought tolerant. You have the choice of having your lawn with or without O’Connor’s Strawberry Clover. For more information check out Choosing your lawn.
How can I be sure of the quality and freshness of Canturf?
As Canturf is grown in your area your lawn won’t be affected by any climate variations or transportation stress. Throughout the warmer months we harvest Canturf very early in the morning to ensure that it is the freshest product possible to meet your requirements. The proof is in the pudding — feel free to drop into our Fyshwick farm and check the quality and freshness for yourself!
What should I do to the ground to get it ready for my turf?
Preparation is the ‘key’ to long-term enjoyment of your Canturf. Go to Preparing your site for Canturfs recommendations.
Before laying Canturf, should I remove existing lawn?
Yes, whether you decide to seed your lawn or have Canturf delivered the preparation is the same. Go to Preparing your site for more information.
When is the best time to lay turf?
Canturf can be layed in Canberra and the Southern Highlands 12 months of the year. Mid summer (December–January) requires plenty of water and more attention to stop it drying out. The preferred time to lay turf is March through to October but your fingers get cold!
Is it cheaper to seed that to lay turf?
Initially it is cheaper to seed a lawn than install a Canturf instant lawn.
But if you take into account the attention a seeded lawn requires, including watering, along with the costs of weed killers and the real risk of damage caused by using these products to the rest of your garden, it may not turn out to be cheaper at all.
If you’re unconvinced, check the Seeding a new lawn page for more information on seeding.
My yard has shady trees overhead, what turf can I lay?
The answer depends on the nature of the trees. Are they deciduous or evergreen? Does the area get any sunlight at all? Contact us for more information and advice to your questions in regards to growing turf in shady areas.
Do you know any ‘tricks of the trade’ to maintaining my Lawn?
All of our 40 years of growing Canturf ‘tricks of the trade’ are in the Lawn care guide.
How do I fix dead areas or areas that have thinned?
You can over sow or purchase a roll or two if needed. Any problems can be rectified by looking at the Lawn care guide.
Should I buy turf with clover or not?
We believe the addition of O’connor Strawberry Clover (only this type) to be beneficial to a lawn. It adds nitrogen and it helps against scarab grubs. It readily fills bare spots that develop due to lack of attention and it has a lovely soft feel underfoot. Canturf supply turf with or without clover as desired.
How long after I lay my turf can my kids play on it?
We generally say around two weeks after installation, ‘if they can wait that long’.
I have a dog. Will my turf survive?
Dogs enjoy a lawn as much as anyone else, but they don’t seem to help out with any maintenance. They can wear tracks out from one side to the other, urinate and dig holes etc. Your turf will survive all this but it will need a little more maintenance from you.
Do you supply other products?
At Canturf we can supply you with all your seed and fertilizer requirements as well as our freshly harvested instant lawn. We also have a dedicated team that strives to make your lawn purchase as enjoyable as possible, and with our after sales service, help is just a phone call away. Call 1800 CANTURF for more help.
Is there anywhere else in Canberra where I can get Canturf?
No, the only pick up point for Canturf is here at Fyshwick. Your landscaper can also purchase Canturf for you and we suggest you insist they do, as our after sales service is second to none and you won’t regret the choice. Go to Contact us for a map of our location in Fyshwick.
Does having a Canturf Lawn effect global warming and climate change?
According to this article in Environmental Gardening, a well-watered and continuously mown lawn produces more green matter than a temperate rainforest. Gardens and lawn in perticular are important consumers of CO 2 and act as a direct solution to climate change.
Who thinks of your funny signs?
You do. If you’ve come up with an funny turf related saying and think it’d make a good Canturf sign, send it in
If your idea is original and gets used by us, you will be paid $250 for your efforts.