Carp And Kelp Help

Canturf Carp and Kelp Help is an organic foliar fertiliser spray in a 2 Litre bottle that you attach to your garden hose to deliver fertiliser directly to your lawn and garden.

Throughout the ages FISH EMULSION has been a traditional natural plant fertiliser used all over the world. This recipe has now been improved to include the added benifits of nutrient rich KELP along with natural plant stimulants making it perfect for your Canturf lawn as well as all the other plants in your garden.

This product blends Carp and Kelp at a ratio of 3:1 with natural plant nutrients including micro-nutrients, amino acids, natural growth hormones, bio stimulants, complex sugars, carbohydrates, enzimes, triacontonal, vitamins, proteins and omega 3&9 selenium to maximise fertliser results.

We highly recommend this product and in fact use it at our Fyshwick farm.

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