Laying Canturf
It’s best to smooth your prepared area with a rake just before laying your turf. Start laying Canturf along the longest, straightest edge of your new lawn area such as the driveway or footpath. If your area has a slope to it we recommend you lay the turf across the slope. Lay the Canturf rolls in a staggered pattern (like bricks), as close together as possible making sure there is no over lap nor any soil from the edges of the rolls visible.

This helps to prevent drying out along the seams of the roll. Any gaps should be plugged with Canturf, not filled with soil. Each roll is approximately 165 cm long by 40cm wide, which means each roll covers 2/3 of a square metre. They can be trimmed with a sharp knife (a serrated blade works best) to reduce tearing or shredding that may damage the grass. You will find it easy to trim closely to edges and driveways which makes the final result look very professional.

Avoid using small strips of Canturf on outer edges as they will dry out quicker than a full roll and brown off. If you think you are going to need a narrow strip to finish off a job, try running a full roll around the outside of your lawn area then fill the middle. A light rolling or tamping down before initial watering will help remove air pockets and ensure good root contact with the ground beneath and so allowing for faster establishment. A 20 Litre drum half filled with water makes a good substitute roller.

That’s really all there is to it!