Seeding A New Lawn
With lawn seed you can achieve a lawn at a lower cost, however it will be six to twelve months until your lawn is fully established. Seed should ideally be sown in either Spring or Autumn.Canturf’s premium quality lawn seed is specially blended to withstand the harsh, frosty winters and the long, hot summers of Canberra and the Southern Highlands.

Once you have prepared your site, estimate the size of your area in square meters, calculate the amount of seed required and select from one of Canturf’s premium seed blends, all of which are suited to the cooler climate of Canberra and the Southern Highlands.

A seed starter fertiliser should be used when sowing to promote germination and initial growth. Canturf Lawn Starter fertiliser will provide essential phosphorus and nutrients to give your lawn seed the extra help it needs to establish a strong root system. You may choose to sow and fertilise separately or you can mix two parts seed starter to one part seed (by weight) and spread both fertiliser and seed at once. Apply half the seed/fertiliser mix to the entire area as evenly as possible then use the remaining half to fill in any gaps left after the first pass. Then rake lightly or roll to cover the seed. Keep the soil continuously moist during germination and early establishment.

Regular watering is essential until the grass is about 2cm high and growing strongly at which time you can gradually switch it to a deep watering routine. When your lawn reached 75 mm in height, mow to around 50 mm and maintain this level with regular mowing.

A second application of Seed Starter will assist in root development and should be applied six to eight weeks after seeding as a booster to aid further root growth and thorough establishment of your lawn